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. "I'm over the boyish type. It's sexy watching masculine hands use a stick shift while driving. A good butt is nice, too, but not a gym-aholic butt, because I can't stand men thinking about their looks."

. "They remember me as this shy girl sitting under the table. But they obviously didn't know what was going on in my head."

. "Athletes have an ego trip. I've heard this story about players' wives that I've met. If the wife gets a cold, then she's not allowed to sleep in the same room as the husband for weeks, because otherwise he'd get it. I'd kill the bastard!"

. "Porn movies? I think it’s good. I think every man who is not a religious moron likes it when a woman is comfortable with watching a porn movie."

."I've always been comfortable with my sexual desires and what I like. In your twenties, it's more about shit like, Should I really show myself in this daylight? Now it's more like you know your good sides."

. (about the rumors that her old marraige with Mariusz was ended because he was extremely jealous over her sex scenes in movies) "Of course it's difficult for any man. It's your woman. That's very private. But, I mean, our problem was we never saw each other. We were in a relationship for eight years, and we maybe saw each other, total, for a year. "

. "Sexual underwear is tacky. It's sexier to wear, like, a transparent tank top."

. (on how to say, "I'd like to give a shout-out to all my babies' mamas' in Swedish.) "God. Jag skulle vilja ge ett riktigt! Hallå till både tjejer och kärringar. That's very American. They wouldn't say that. "

. (on her stunts in Vertical Limit) "It was a case of 'Do this right or you're going to die.' I just kept holding on to Chris O'Donnell because he was the star and they couldn't afford to kill him."

. "You know, everyone tells me I look like someone. I've heard that I look like Michelle Pfeiffer. I look like everybody."

. "I was 17, and I wanted to try modeling, and I thought it was horrible because you couldn't really do anything. You just stood there--it was boring. I had all these musician friends that were joking about making a record, and we did, and it went gold. But I was just acting like a singer, and [finally] I had to say, 'No, this is it. 'Cause I'm just joking. I'm not being a singer.' But it was weird."

. "I'm a boring person, because I have a child and I love to be with her as much as possible. One of the most exciting things for me was to go to the Carousel of Hope Ball--I saw Ricky Martin! And he was hot! Really hot. Ricky's one of my daughter's idols. She loves Britney, the Backstreet Boys, everything."

."Martin Campbell is my idol. Such a beautiful man."

."If one were to travel back in time and place, to the northeastern Polish town of Bialystok in the middle 1970s, a visitor would find some 225,000 people making their lives in an industrial city known as a textile center and key railroad junction."

. "If I think of my first memory about Poland, that's the thing: the opening of the packages and hoping for maybe something exciting to show your friends."